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Why You Should Schedule Your Sarasota AC Appointment NOW

Why You Should Schedule Your Sarasota AC Appointment NOW with Air America

Why You Should Schedule Your Sarasota AC Appointment NOW

No surprise: Summer 2023 is keeping AC companies very busy. We recommend everyone in our Sarasota-Manatee service area schedule your AC appointment now to avoid delays.

Here’s what local AC companies are dealing with right now.

Regular Maintenance Plus High AC Repair Demand Plus Emergency Calls

Air conditioning companies in Sarasota are tasked with keeping our population comfortable and safe in the face of triple-digit heat indexes.

Virtually every home and business in Sarasota-Manatee has an air conditioner. That volume of local AC units keeps us busy year-round no matter the weather.

In summertime, buildings without air conditioning become an emergency situation. So on top of our regular business, we’re responding to emergency calls for units that have suddenly failed in this heat.

Air America provides emergency services throughout Sarasota and the surrounding area. But as a small, locally owned company with high standards for our technicians, we can’t be everywhere at once. We only employ certified, experienced AC technicians. And Air America servicepeople are going to take enough time with every client to make sure the job is done right.

We have to prioritize our resources. This can mean delays in non-emergency situations.

The sooner your schedule your AC maintenance or service appointment, the sooner we can get to you.

Familiarize yourself with your AC company ASAP.

If you’re new to southwest Florida and don’t yet have a preferred air conditioning company in Sarasota, it’s time to make that decision.

We certainly recommend that you go with Air America, as you probably want an air conditioning company in Sarasota that’s been here for more than 40 years. But we understand that you’re probably going to explore your options. Just understand that that takes time, and start now.

Every AC company has its own practices and systems, including preferred ways of contact and response policies. You don’t want to try navigating these systems for the first time during a summertime AC emergency.

Look at your options, call Air America (and anyone else you think you need to try), and talk to one of us—a real person, right here in Sarasota!—to schedule an appointment today.

A maintenance appointment puts you, your family, and your AC on our radar.

We want to be familiar with you, too. We want to get your information in our computer system, and our technicians want to be familiar with your AC unit and how it serves your home.

If we’re able to service your unit while it’s in good shape, we’ll have a much better idea of what to expect if anything goes wrong.

AC maintenance stops emergencies from happening.

Ultimately, this is the biggest deal. A well-maintained AC unit is much less likely to break down, even as it’s being taxed by Sarasota summer weather.

Scheduled maintenance is much better than unscheduled emergencies. Air America is here for both, but we’d prefer to help you out before the problem escalates.

The bottom line: An appointment today saves time tomorrow.

Even if your unit is working just fine, we know air conditioning has been on your mind. Take action today to schedule your visit from Air America. It’s just easier, quicker, safer and more affordable than the alternative.

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