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Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Why We’re Sarasota’s Bosch Heat Pump Air Conditioning Dealer

Why We’re Sarasota’s Bosch Heat Pump Air Conditioning Dealer

Why We’re Sarasota’s Bosch Heat Pump Air Conditioning Dealer

Air America is Sarasota’s preferred vendor for Bosch air conditioning and heat pump products—and with good reason.

Air America has been offering AC service and maintenance Sarasota-Bradenton for more than 40 years. We’ve been doing Sarasota AC installation for longer than many of today’s neighborhoods have been around. We know good air conditioner products. And we know what brands make good products. Bosch Home Comfort makes ACs and energy-efficient heat pumps that last, year in and year out.

What Are Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems?

Rather than cooling warmer air and then pumping it into a space, heat pump AC systems transfer heat from one place to another.

In Sarasota-Bradenton, heat pumps are increasingly popular for cooling residential homes. These AC systems pull warmer air out of your house and move it to the outside, making your house cool and comfortable.

These same systems can reverse this process in winter in order to warm your house as needed.

What Makes Heat Pump ACs Special?

Heat pumps are rapidly gaining popularity because they’re so energy-efficient. They require much less electricity, which means burning less fossil fuel. Heat pump ACs are not only better for the environment; they’re also great for your power bill.

These advantages mean the entire industry has shifted significantly toward heat pump technology as the preferred HVAC system.

(In fact, installing a new replacement HVAC heat pump system in your home often makes you eligible for a tax rebate or credit.)

Why Are Bosch Heat Pump ACs a Good Choice for Sarasota Homes?

Bosch heat pump systems are considered some of the most efficient HVAC options out there. Bosch offers inverter-driven heat pumps with a compressor that can better adjust to keep temperatures consistent. That means Bosch products provide steadier temperatures without energy-burning fluctuations.

New Bosch AC Systems Installed by Air America

If you’re looking for a new Bosch heat pump AC system in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, then look no further than Air America.

  • Bosch IDS Light 15 SEER2 Split System Heat Pump
  • Bosch IDS Light/Plus 16 SEER2 Split System Heat Pump
  • Bosch IDS Premium 20 SEER2 Split System Heat Pump
  • Bosch IDP Plus 15 SEER2 Package Heat Pump
  • Bosch IDP Premium 18 SEER2 Package Heat Pump

We also offer Sarasota new Bosch AC parts and components, like digital Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostats.

Replace Your AC with a Bosch Heat Pump

If your AC has been struggling during this particularly hot Sarasota summer 2023, then consider a full AC system replacement with a Bosch unit from Air America.

Feel free to reach out to Air America, your local Bradenton air conditioning company for more than 40 years. We’re always happy to answer questions, and we even offer free estimates. The longer you wait, the more money you’re burning away on your out-moded, inefficient HVAC system.

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