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Why Surge Protection Is Important For Your Home

Why Surge Protection Is Important For Your Home

Why Surge Protection Is Important For Your Home

About surge protection

Installing surge protection will not just protect you from damaging electrical surges. It can also give you those extra outlets. The latter is often necessary since the number of gadgets, devices, and appliances we owe usually increases over time. But the more you own, the more that you have to protect.

So make sure you get a good surge protector. It is not just your devices and appliances that will be protected. You will be eliminating the chances of electrical fires from starting.

What causes power surges

Probably the most important thing that you should know about power surges is that you have zero control over it. There is no warning before it happens. This is why you need to have surge protection all the time. These power surges are caused by various factors.

If you have an old electrical system, there is a chance that you need more protection. The older systems sometimes cause a power surge every time a large electrical appliance is turned on or off. If you cannot replace the whole system, you need to upgrade it eventually. But a surge protector will help you deal with the problem immediately.

In case your electrical system is updated, the power surges will most likely come from external factors or the natural wearing of electrical wires and circuits. For instance, power outages, tripped circuit breakers, problems with the electrical provider or the whole grid – these are only some of the causes of power surges. Storms and lighting can also cause these surges.

Of course, you should not belittle the frequent power surges that happen every time you turn appliances on and off. While these will not be enough to cause immediate damage – but over time, it will compromise the lifespan of your appliances.

The role of surge protection

Surge protectors will keep the damage minimal regardless of the intensity of the power surge. These come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. These surges protectors are plugged into a wall outlet. Its job is to absorb any extra load that suddenly comes from the system during a power surge. This protection will ensure that your appliances and devices will last for as long as it should.

While the ones plugged into outlets are effective, the protection is limited. It will only protect those that are plugged into it. What about the other appliances that need to be plugged directly into an outlet? Or the light fixtures that are directly connected to electrical wires?

This is where a whole home surge protection is more effective. This will not just protect one outlet. It can provide centralized protection for every device, appliance, gadget, or fixture that is connected to the electrical system. You just have to find a centralized location to put this surge protector.

There are many options if you want to install a whole home surge protection. But you have to arrange for it to be installed by a licensed electrician. This will ensure that it will be installed properly. Not only that, the professional can help explain in detail what the protector can do. They can also go over your electrical system to point out possible areas of concern and danger.

Important information about surge protection

Here are a couple of important information that you need to know about surge protectors.

  • These are different from power strips. The latter is merely a multi-outlet device. It will extend the main outlet and allow you to plug more devices or appliances. These have circuit breakers that may offer protection. The good ones will turn itself off when it detects an overload. It can help avoid electrical fires. However, it will not provide the same level of protection as a surge protector.
  • The joules on surge protectors refer to its protection capacity. The higher the joules, the better it is. It simply means it can handle a large power surge. The bigger joules also mean it can handle more of the smaller power surges.
  • Surge protectors do not last forever. Over time, the parts inside the surge protector will wear down. The joules will indicate the potential lifespan of the protector. If you invest in a good kind, it usually comes with a feature that will warn you if it is no longer functioning efficiently. There are those that will shut off when their protection is already below the safe level. Make sure you pay attention to this so you can be ready with a replacement.

It is important to remember that power surges can happen anytime. You want to ensure that your surge protection is always available just in case. So if you want to protect your home, your appliances and your family by installing surge protection, contact us today!

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