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What Is A Safety Switch And Why Is It Important?

What Is A Safety Switch And Why Is It Important?-Air conditioning_Bradenton

What Is A Safety Switch And Why Is It Important?

Do you really need a safety switch at home? You can never be too safe and your home should be the first place that you need to ensure is safe and secure. After all, this is where you and your loved ones thrive. If you are not safe here, then where else can you be?

There are so many areas in your house that you need to look into and the electricity is one of them. We cannot afford to have someone get hurt. Fortunately, we have things like safety switches that can help make your home a lot safer.

You may be wondering, why would I need a safety switch if we already have a circuit breaker? To answer that question, you need to get to know what this switch really is.

What is a safety switch?

Also known as residual current devices or RCD’s, these safety switches are those that need to be installed in every switchboard. The primary purpose of these switches is to protect you and your loved ones from electrocution and fires that are caused by electrical spikes or faults.

A safety switch is installed to monitor the current that is flowing within the wires of an electrical system. It monitors both the live and neutral wires. Usually, when safety switches detect a problem that can possibly put people at risk, the device will automatically turn off the power in less than a second. That way, the current can be stopped even before it is high enough to harm anyone near it.

Unfortunately, safety switches are only effective on one circuit. That means if you want to protect your family completely, you need to have one switch for every circuit that you have in your house. This includes all power outlets, lights, air conditioning, and other circuits that are littered in your home. Even the ones you have outside, like those near your pool and in the backyard, should have these safety switches installed.

How is a safety switch different from a circuit breaker?

Most of the time, these safety switches are confused with circuit breakers. The truth is, they do have similar roles.

As discussed, a safety switch is meant to prevent general human injury caused by electrocution or electrical faults that cause a fire. The device will monitor currents and stop it when it poses a threat already.

On the other hand, a circuit breaker is something that monitors any surge of power. It protects your home from an overload of current. This usually happens when a lightning strikes or if there is a surge coming from the grid.

If a safety switch protects from human injury, a circuit breaker protects your home and electrical appliances from damage. In essence, a circuit breaker should be enough since it protects your home from possible fires. However, if you want an extra layer of protection, you might want to go through with the installation of safety switches. Sometimes, it can also turn off when an electrical device or appliance is malfunctioning – specifically when it causes a spike in the electrical current.

So to answer the question if you need a safety switch at home – the answer to that will depend on how much you want to protect your family. Some people may be inclined to use these extra switches – especially when there are children at home.

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