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What Does Annual AC Maintenance Entail?

What Does Annual AC Maintenance Entail?

What Does Annual AC Maintenance Entail?

So you’re happy with your air conditioning system. You have a relatively new unit. It’s energy-efficient, so your electricity bills were actually lower this past summer than they’ve ever been before.

You consulted with professionals before you chose your unit, so you know you’ve got the right AC for your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. (Hopefully you even used Air America for tips and info!)

You’ve been assured that your unit was installed properly, according to manufacturer’s specifications (so your warranty is intact). It’s in the right spot—not too much sunlight, sheltered from extreme weather, but without loose branches or leaves too close to be a hazard.

You’re all caught up on your maintenance, your fans have been balanced and your ducts have been cleaned. So as we look forward into 2023, what do you have to expect? How long does your happy new AC honeymoon last? How frequently do you need maintenance? What’s the next thing on your air conditioning to-do list?

How Long Does a New AC Stay New?

Of course, the answer to this question depends on a lot of variables. And here in Sarasota-Bradenton, our southwest Florida weather can make a big difference—and quickly. Humidity, salt air, rain, intense sunshine and heat, etc. all add up, especially when it comes to large, complicated machinery and electronics that we leave outside 24/7/365.

Plus, even if your unit is positioned perfectly, things can get in there and go awry. A gusty day or renovations at your neighbors’ place might have blown a lot of extra debris into your unit. Water or leaves or sunlight might already be working their trouble.

So the short answer is, “We don’t know.” There are so many variables. If you consulted Air America when your new system was installed—or better yet, had our expert AC technicians do the installing—then they probably gave you an idea of when you’d need a maintenance visit.

Otherwise, we recommend the six-month train. A quick checkup before the summer kicks your AC into high gear will be a very small price to pay to keep your system spic and span for as long as possible.

How Frequently Do You Need AC Maintenance?

And that’s how it goes. Twice-a-year AC professional visits should be quick and easy (and very affordable) when nothing’s going wrong.

If you start dreading a maintenance visit because of the expense, then it might not be your AC company you have a problem with. You probably have a problematic AC unit that’s costing you annoying repairs. Time to start thinking about a replacement/upgrade.

What’s the Next Thing on Your AC To-Do List?

Well, if you already have regular six-month visits, your technician has probably already told you what’s needed next.

But if you haven’t gotten there yet, consider minor HVAC maintenance and service projects to keep your AC system running smoothly and to prolong its life so you’re not playing catchup on repairs.

  • Air-flow optimization
  • Indoor air quality (IAC) optimization
  • Duct cleaning
  • Full-system inspections and diagnostic reports
  • Filter cleaning/replacement
  • Disinfectant air scrubbers


Who Should I Call for HVAC Checkups?

When you’re shopping for AC professionals, you need to look for an experienced company with certified HVAC technicians that specializes in maintenance and service—not just new sales.

At Air America, our first goal isn’t to sell you a new system; it’s to make your current system work at its absolute best to suit your needs. (If more is needed after that, then we can go from there.)

And as one of the oldest HVAC companies in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, you better believe we’ve seen it all when it comes to local system issues. So call Air America today and we can assess your system and tell you just what you’ll need, and when.

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