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What Causes Condensation On Air Conditioning Vents And How To Deal With It

What to do with condensation on air conditioning vents

What Causes Condensation On Air Conditioning Vents And How To Deal With It

Does it seem like your air conditioning vents are sweating? That is condensation. It is moisture coming out of your AC unit through the vents on the wall, ceiling, or the unit itself. This may seem like a harmless occurrence but you need to investigate it further. Your AC vents are not supposed to emit moisture. The fact that it does means there is something wrong with your AC unit somewhere. Ignoring this could lead to a bigger problem that might cause property damages or huge repairs for your AC.

Before we can discuss how to solve the condensation problem of your air conditioning unit, let us first define how it happens.

What is condensation?

Basically, condensation is when water vapor turns into liquid after a humid or warm air gets in contact with a cold surface. As you can see, all of these elements are present in an AC unit. The vent becomes cold because of the air that comes from the cooling system.

But the thing is, there should be no way for condensation to happen because the AC vents are supposed to make the room colder. There should be no warm air or humidity in the room to interact with the cold surface of the vents.

So what is making it sweat?

There is a high possibility that the moisture is not coming from the vents. It is coming from somewhere else and it is just affecting the AC vents.

Most likely, the condensation is coming from within the ducts system. It is where the moisture in the vents is coming from. It is also possible for it to come from your AC unit and it goes through the ducts and all the way to the vents.

But do not think that it is just caused by your AC unit. Sometimes, the moisture comes from a leak on your roof or plumbing that drips on the ducts and that causes condensation in the air conditioning vents. As you can see, the causes can lead to very expensive damage. So if there is condensation evident in your vents, you need to investigate further to determine where it is really coming from. Once you find the cause, act on it immediately.

How to fix problems causing condensation in your air conditioning vents

Here are the common causes of condensation in your air conditioning vents and how to fix it.

Problems with with your air conditioning duct insulation

This could either be insufficient or damaged insulation in your duct system. Usually, HVAC ducts that are made of metal sheets develop condensation inside. Since the duct system is within the ceiling or walls, it is not in a naturally cool environment. It can get humid especially during the summer season. This can lead to condensation that can spill over to the vents. This can be solved by improving the insulation of your ducts or making sure that there is enough ventilation where the it goes through.

Leaks in the air conditioning boot

A “boot” is the metal tube that connects the duct system to the vents. If this is damaged or not connected properly, it can leak warm air inside and cause moisture or condensation in the AC vents. You can either have the boot repaired or replaced to fix this problem. You can also opt to add insulation to keep the warm air from leaking inside.

Issues with the condensate drain line or pump

When the cooling system removes the moisture from the air to make it cooler, it condenses into liquid form. This is the condensate. This should be drained or pumped out. If there is a problem with the drain or pump, the liquid accumulates and can cause a leak. The problem can either be a faulty pump or a clogged drain. You should fix this to keep the water from dripping out of the AC vents.

Frozen coils

If you notice that your AC unit cannot cool the room properly and there is moisture in the vents, that is an indication that your evaporator coils are frozen. It is probably melting and leaking out of the vents. You need to turn off the AC unit to check the evaporator coil. Either fix the filter or check if the refrigerant has a leak.

If you think that you cannot identify or fix the condensation problems of your air conditioning vents, call in a professional. There are certain issues that are best left in the hands of an expert – to avoid causing more damage.

If you have problems with condensation and would like us to inspect the issue, give us a call!

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