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Do You Want a Lower Electric Bill? Then Get Rid Of These

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Do You Want a Lower Electric Bill? Then Get Rid Of These

If you want a lower electric bill, you need to be on the lookout for certain energy drainers in your home. Believe it or not, there are a lot of them. These are sometimes called power vampires. Just like the mythical creatures, these can really drain electricity unnecessarily. You need to identify what these are so you can conserve energy. Not only will this be good for the environment, it will also save you money because it can lower the amount that you will spend on your electric bill.

Of course, there is the usual tip of turning off the light, equipment, and appliances when they are not in use. You also have to be careful of those with digital displays. For instance, a microwave still consumes energy to power that digital clock. The small red dot on your TV when it is on standby is also consuming energy. These are small but they are still draining energy unnecessarily.

While there are many energy drainers, here are 4 that you might be missing in your home.

Old appliances

While these are really very sturdy and have stood the test of time – these are also energy drainers. You should really consider changing them. If these were passed down to you by your folks, that is not enough reason to keep on using them. If these things really mean so much to you, just display them in your home bit stop using them. These consume a lot of unnecessary energy. You have to buy the ENERGY STAR-rated equipment and appliances to ensure that they are energy efficient.

Plugged chargers

We are all guilty of this. We keep our chargers plugged even if we are not charging our devices. After all, we keep on charging every now and then. Why go through the motions of plugging and unplugging the charger right? Well, sorry to tell you but this is another power drainer in your home. If it is plugged in, it still consumes energy. What you can do is to find a charging platform that you can switch off after charging. Or you can invest in a power cord that automatically shuts off when your device is fully charged. It might be a bit more expensive but it is a good investment if it means you can have lower electric bill each month.

Idly running gaming consoles

Forgetting to turn off your gaming consoles can also waste unnecessary energy in your home. You have to train your children to turn it off and unplug the console when it is not in use. While it is being used, it already consumes a lot of energy. If you leave it on, the same is true. Most of the new models already have an automatic power-saving mode. But if you have the old models, you have to discipline yourself to turn it off after you have played with it.

Poorly maintained HVAC systems

If your HVAC system is not maintained properly, you can bet that it will be working harder than it has to. This is why you need to make sure that your system is regularly maintained so you can address damages that can compromise its performance. Also, if you have the old model, it might be consuming too much energy. The newer models have variable-speed air handlers that does not use up too much energy.

Once you have dealt with these 4 appliances, you will get a lower electric bill each month.

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