Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Virus-Killing AC Sterilizers


A properly functioning AC unit will keep all of the air in your home or workplace circulating, meaning that the space’s full volume of air will pass through the AC system on a regular basis.

So what if, in addition to cooling the air and removing particulates, your AC system actually disinfected and sterilized your air? Modern technology makes it possible to kill airborne bacteria and viruses—yes, even COVID19.


Germicidal UV-C lamp

Air America is now installing the latest germicidal UV-C Lamp systems in homes and offices. This is the same technology used in hospitals and healthcare facilities today to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Put simply, you can think of it in terms of a three-step decontamination process that

  1. Removes particles and allergens;
  2. Kills or otherwise neutralizes airborne microorganisms like mold and algae, and germs like viruses and bacteria;
  3. Deactivates chemicals, gases and other odor-causing materials.


What is a UV-C lamp?

“UV-C” stands for “ultraviolet-C,” which is a powerful form of light that is now commonly used as a disinfectant. UV-C is actually a form of radiation. As such, it kills microorganisms as they pass by the lamp. The type of UV-C lamp we use is 3.3 times more powerful than the standard lamps on the market, so it disinfects more quickly—usually within 24 hours. And because it’s installed inside your AC system, there’s no direct exposure to humans. Plus, it doesn’t add any chemicals to your air.


How does a UV-C lamp work?

We install a UV-C lamp inside your AC unit, so that all of the air that passes through the unit is directly exposed to the radiation. Living organisms in the air—including mold, algae, viruses and bacteria—are killed by the radiation.

Air sterilization is actually more efficient and effective than surface sterilization, because microorganisms can hide in porous surfaces and protect themselves from the UV-C. But there’s nowhere for them to hide in your air.


What are the results of UV-C air sterilization?

Within approximately 24 hours of installation, an Air America UV-C lamp will have killed almost all airborne microorganisms, or have damaged them to the point that they can no longer reproduce (sterilization). This drastically reduces the risk of airborne infection in humans.

Additionally, the UV-C lamp kills odor-causing microorganisms like mold and fungi.

Germicidal AC units are quickly becoming the norm in all indoor spaces, especially in the wake of the pandemic. However, not all UV-C lamps are the same. Trust Air America to install an safe, powerful and effective UV-C lamp to protect your family and guests.

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