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Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Use Landscape Lighting To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Use Landscape Lighting To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Use Landscape Lighting To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Do you think that landscape lighting can help increase the value of your home?

Absolutely! Your home is not just assessed based on how strong the foundation is. It’s not just about the value of the land where it stands. And it’s also not just about the community that surrounds it.

The value of your home is also affected by how it looks. If it’s visually appealing, more people would want it. And if more people want it, the higher the value will rise. And one of the ways that you can improve the aesthetic value of your home is by using the right lights to highlight the features of the property.

Think about it this way. Anyone can take great photos. But a great photographer knows how to use the right lighting to get the effect that they want.

The same is true when you use landscape lighting to make your home beautiful.

3 benefits of using landscape lighting

Before anything else, what exactly is landscape lighting?

This is also known as garden lighting. It is the use of outdoor lights or any illuminating fixtures in private or public gardens and landscapes. When used correctly, this can be used to provide three benefits.

Landscape lighting can improve curb appeal

Most people use landscape lighting to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. You’ve spent a lot of money or you worked hard to make your garden and surrounding landscape look great. Do you really want it to look beautiful during the day? No! You want people to take notice of the beauty around your home even at night.

This is what landscape lighting can do. It can highlight the lawn, outdoor furniture, and other fixtures. It can illuminate the walkway and show-off the beautiful flowers, plants, and trees in your garden. The right lights have the power to make something look more beautiful to the eye of a spectator.

Not only that, if the lights are positioned correctly, but it can also make any space look bigger. That, among other things, can boost the value of your home.

Safety and security purposes

Nobody wants to walk in the dark. There are just so many things on the ground that can make your trip and hurt yourself. While the moon can light your way, it’s not really enough to keep you from falling. This is where landscape lighting comes in handy. If you light the walkway, it will help people see where they are going.

The lights outside will also deter intruders – who love lurking in the dark. If they see that the outdoors is well lit and they don’t have anywhere to hide, they will think twice before they will try to break into your home.

Landscape lighting makes it feel like home

Placing the right lights around the house will make it look homier. Imagine coming home after a very tiring day. Wouldn’t you want your home to look beautiful?

That is what you can expect if you have the right landscape lighting around your house. It will make the place look very inviting. And the best part is, you can choose how you want it to look. If you want it to look alive – that’s your choice. If you want it to look cozy, you are also free to do that. You can have it designed based on your personal preference.

4 ways you can install landscape lighting

Now that we know the benefits of landscape lighting and how it can boost your home’s value, how can we install it?

The design will depend on the type of landscape that you have. It will also be based on the function of the lights. Is it for security purposes? Or more for aesthetic appeal? You can combine both, of course. But you need to have it designed according to how you want your garden or landscape to look like.

There are many types of lights that you can use to illuminate and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Here are some of the lighting features that you can use.


These can be used to highlight the beautiful features of your garden. It may be your plants, a garden fixture, or a beautiful tree. It can also face the facade of your house.

Path lights

If you have a beautiful walkway, install path lights to illuminate it. That way, anyone who is walking through it will not be danger of tripping or falling. When done correctly, it can also give your garden a dramatic appeal.

Accent lights

Like spotlights, this can highlight the beautiful features of your outdoor setting. But it will not be as bright as spotlights. It can be very subtle so it will give the ambiance that you are aiming for.


This is great for security purposes. If you feel like this is too bright, you can install those with motion sensors. That way, it can also startle any intruders and will keep them away from your home.

You need to hire a professional if you really want to have a beautiful set-up. They can install your landscape lighting properly. They can also make suggestions on how you can achieve the look that you want to have for your home.

And if you’re looking to improve the landscape lighting of your home, contact us and schedule an appointment.

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