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Understanding Ventilation And How It Affects Your HVAC Comfort

Understanding Ventilation And How It Affects Your HVAC Comfort

Understanding Ventilation And How It Affects Your HVAC Comfort

Did you know that the V in HVAC refers to ventilation? It is only one of the many tasks that this system has to do. Your HVAC system should heat/cool, humidify/dehumidify, and clean the air in your home. But all of these will be useless if the room or place is not ventilated properly.

But what exactly does it do?

What is ventilation in the HVAC system

Anything that remains stagnant, when it can move, is usually not a good idea. Water, if it’s stagnant, starts to smell. The same is true with air. If it’s not moving, it’s going to start to smell stuffy in the room. The air is going to feel heavy and dirty. It will trap toxins and other contaminants in the air. And when you inhale that over a long period of time, it can trigger a lot of respiratory ailments.

This is what ventilation can help avoid.

When a room is well-ventilated, it means the air is circulating properly. More importantly, it is constantly being replaced with fresh air from the outside. This is why it’s also important for enclosed spaces to be opened to let fresh air in every once in a while.

But if your HVAC system can provide good ventilation, this does not have to happen frequently.

3 main roles

What can your HVAC do to make sure an enclosed space is well-ventilated?

There are three things that happen.

First of all, the ventilation system will circulate the air and in the process, purify it. Your HVAC system will make the air go in from the outside and it will send the air from the inside out as well. As the air circulates, it passes through the filter to remove any harmful particles from going inside. This will provide the space with a constant supply of clean air.

The second role is to control the moisture level in a room. Air brings moisture with it. The amount will depend on the environment. Too much moisture could cause mold and mildew to grow in the walls, ceilings, and floors. If this is not removed or if it grows without you knowing, it can cause health issues as well. Not to mention the way it can compromise the structure of the place. The ventilation of the HVAC system should control the moisture – as long as it’s working properly.

Finally, it also brings comfort. When you breathe in clean air and the moisture levels are just right, you will feel more comfortable in the room. The air will be lighter and will not trigger any allergies or respiratory ailments. And that will make you feel at ease.

Unfortunately, not all HVAC systems can really take care of these three tasks properly. Even if it can, it might put the system under too much work. And that’s when it might need other equipment to boost it.

Mechanical ventilation

People would say that the best ventilation comes from an open window. Nothing rivals the fresh air from outside.

But sometimes, this is just not possible. Especially if you live in the middle of a bustling metro with a huge air pollution problem.

This is why a lot of people rely on mechanical ventilation. This is when you use a piece of equipment that will help you control how much outside air will be brought in. It can even help you program it so you know when and where it will happen.

This is an additional boost to your current HVAC system. It can be connected to it. Or it can be separate.

When you do it this way, you get to be more energy efficient. And you get to control where the source of air will be coming from.

If you install it properly, this can keep your HVAC from working too hard and increasing your electric bill. It will balance the air that you need inside.

With so many types of mechanical ventilation, it might be a good idea to know what you want first. Do you need to remove odors? Or control the moisture inside since the activities within produce more moisture than the rest of the property? Or maybe to clean the air that is coming from the pollution outside?

If all of these seem confusing to you, get the help of a professional. They would know how to make an enclosed space well-ventilated.

Summer is around the corner. If you need you HVAC system checked to make sure that you have good ventilation, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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