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Truth Or Myth? Running The Heat Is More Costly Than A/C

Truth Or Myth? Running The Heat Is More Costly Than A/C-Air conditioning_Bradenton

Truth Or Myth? Running The Heat Is More Costly Than A/C

Do you think that the heat that keeps your home warm is more expensive than cooling it? If that is so, then you are correct. Most people think that cooling is more expensive. However, that is a myth and it is not true at all. Heating consumes more energy. In fact, it costs 3 times more than cooling.


This is the reason why you need to consider how you can be smart with the heating in your home. You have to make sure that your heating system is energy efficient so you can save money on your monthly bills.

What factors affect the heat in your home?

While producing the heat in your home is more costly, it is affected by two things.


The first if the location of your home. If you live in a warmer state, you have lesser need to heat your home. But if you live in a place where it gets really cold, the heater might be more needed. As the demand for warmth increases, so will the use of your heating system. This will mean your home uses more energy.


The other factor that you have to consider if the insulation of your home. The way your house is built will determine the need to heat the inside. If your house is well insulated, the heat inside your home will not leak outside. If there is a leak, the heating system will obviously work harder than it has to. That can increase your energy bill. The doors and windows should also be considered because these can be a cause for heat leaks from inside the house – especially during the cold winter month. It is not enough that you get energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and other household appliances. You need to make sure your home can keep it all in through proper insulation.

How to lower the heat requirement of your home

Now that you know the factor that can increase the heat requirement that your house needs, it is time to come up with ways to counter that.


There are different ways to make your home more energy-efficient. You can start by making sure you have the right appliances, devices, and HVAC systems. Heat pumps are more efficient in heating your home and will help you save money. At least, as compared to using the A/C unit as your source of heat.


Other than that, there are other things that you need to do constantly to ensure that you have the lowest energy consumption. Here are some of them.


  • Lower the thermostat. If the thermostat is low, the heating system does not have to work as hard to meet the regulated temperature. Just keep it at a comfortable setting and leave it at that.
  • Set the thermostat to adjust automatically before you leave home. Or if it is okay with you, turn off the heat pump entirely.
  • Take advantage of sunny days. Instead of relying on your heater to warm your home, you might want to take advantage of the natural heat coming from the Sun. If it is sunny outside, open the drapes and let the sunlight come in.
  • Use your blankets at night. Turn the heat off or really low at night. After all, you will be under your warm blankets. That will help keep the energy low as you sleep at night.


Consider all of these to save on the heat that your home desperately needs during the colder times of the year. Nowadays, being practical is the best way to live. You want to be smart about your finances without really sacrificing your comfort at home

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