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The Best Sarasota-Manatee AC Air Flow

The Best Sarasota-Manatee AC Air Flow

The Best Sarasota-Manatee AC Air Flow

Happy AC season, southwest Florida! Despite our enviable Gulf breezes, most of us here will be relying on our home ACs for the next eight months straight. So how comfortable are you going to be through this Sarasota summer?

What Your Home AC Does

Basically speaking, your air conditioning needs to do three things:

  1. Cool the air
  2. Filter the air
  3. Move the air through your home


Sometimes No. 3 on that list gets overlooked. People focus on the cooling and filtering mechanics of the AC unit. But what good is cool, clean air if it never gets to you?

What Causes Bad AC Air Flow

Even if your AC unit is cooling and filtering just fine, that cool, clean air has a pretty long and convoluted path to travel before it reaches your home office or bedroom.

Obstacles in that path might be keeping your best air from ever getting to you. Common air flow obstacles include 

  • Clogged air filter.
  • Dirty ductwork. (Air America provides Sarasota-Bradenton duct cleaning, FYI.)
  • Dirty condenser coil. You might not think of coils when you think of air flow, but your AC can’t work when the coils are dirty or compromised.
  • Loose or bent AC fan blades. A fan that isn’t properly calibrated isn’t going to move much air.
  • Bent or dirty AC fins. These fine metal slats should allow air to pass through your AC unit; unfortunately, they’re easy to bend and/or clog, which affects air flow efficiency.


The Added Cost of Bad Air Flow

Not only is bad air flow uncomfortable; an old or inefficient AC is expensive.

Your AC wants to do its job well. And if something is getting in the way, it’s just going to work harder. That means a hot house and a crazy electric bill. Here’s how air flow affects how much you’re paying in utilities:

  • If something down the line is blocking air flow, then your AC is going to keep working…and working and working and working.
  • If your filter is clogged or just old, then your AC can’t take in enough air in the first place.
  • If your thermostat isn’t working correctly (and that’s another AC part that can go bad), then your air conditioning will keep working to get to your preferred home temperature.


Sarasota Air Conditioning Service

Never fear! Sarasota’s best AC service is here! At Air America, we check, calibrate, clean and fix all parts of your air conditioning system—from intake to output and everything in between. Even when your AC isn’t working so great, sometimes AC service isn’t so scary after all. Air flow can cause big problems, but often it’s an easy, straightforward fix: cleaning, straightening, and/or filter replacement.

If you don’t think all of your AC’s air is flowing properly to its destination, give us a call today!

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