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Spring And Summer Maintenance Tasks To Care For Your HVAC System

Spring And Summer Maintenance Tasks To Care For Your HVAC System-Air conditioning_Bradenton

Spring And Summer Maintenance Tasks To Care For Your HVAC System

Did you really think that the spring and summer maintenance tasks for your HVAC system are hard? Well, it may seem intimidating but it really is not too bad. It does not take a rocket scientist to make sure that your HVAC system is well maintained.

During the spring and summer season, you will most likely give your HVAC system a break – at least, during the spring season. As the summer begins, you might want to ensure that you conduct the basic maintenance tasks to ensure that it will not give out on you when you need it the most. You do not want it to fail on a very hot day. A well-maintained HVAC system will save you money because it will help lengthen its life. Not only that, a clean system means it will work efficiently. This will keep the HVAC unit from consuming too much energy.

This is why you need to conduct these summer maintenance tips so you can always rely on it to keep the hot weather from becoming uncomfortable.

Replace the furnace filter

This is probably the easiest thing for you to do. But even if it is the easiest, it is one of the most important. In fact, if the filter is always clean, it can reduce the energy consumption by 15%. That can amount to some huge savings each month. Ideally, filters are replaced every month – but that really depends on how much you use it. If you have a permanent filter, you need to take it out once a month to wash it.

Remove dirt and debris from the drainage hole

The drainage hole is right below the evaporator funds. It keeps the unit running smoothly and efficiently. You want to make sure that this hole is free from any blockage – otherwise, you will have a problem with the water spilling. You can use a wire to go through the hole and flush out anything that got lodged inside.

Check the outdoor unit

If a part of the HVAC system is located outside, you might want to check it out and see if there are any dirt and debris on or around it. You want to make sure it will not be compromised by the elements. You have to check this at least twice a month. Remove anything that you think will damage the unit. If there are plants growing around it, make sure to trim it. You do not want it to grow within two feet around it. The outdoor unit needs space to pull in the air so it can regulate the temperature inside the house.

Have a smart thermostat

If you do not have it yet, you need to seriously consider getting a smart thermostat. This will help you time the temperature at home. It can adjust automatically when there is nobody at home. That will really help lower your energy bill.

Apart from the HVAC system, there are also other areas in your home that requires summer maintenance tasks to be fulfilled.

Dry the dehumidifier

Most homes should have a dehumidifier. To make it last longer and ensure that it works efficiently, you have to remove the casing and let the system dry. When it is dry, you can use a vacuum to remove the dirt and also any debris that may have gotten inside. Once clean, you can put it all back.

Clean up the bathroom fans

Do not forget about the bathroom fans. This can also get dirty so you need to clean it as well. While you are working on the HVAC system, you can also pay attention to this one. Turn the power off before you start anything. Then you can just remove the covers and wash them with soap and rinse with water. Dry them and put them back together.

In case you notice something odd while going through the spring and summer maintenance tasks – be sure to call a professional. If something needs replacement or repair, you should attend to that as soon as you can. That way, it will not cause any damage to your HVAC system.

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