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Licensed to CHILL since 1981

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Spring AC Service in Sarasota with Air America

Spring AC Service in Sarasota

It’s almost spring in Sarasota, and around here we call that AC service season!

Yeah, we know your AC doesn’t feel like a priority right now. Sarasota weather is either beautiful or chilly this time of year. You’re probably not even thinking about your home AC system.

So we apologize for bringing it up, but: Now’s the time to get your AC serviced in Sarasota.

Think about it: Your AC is probably off, and your home is comfortable. Outside, the air is relatively dry. What better time to get a full checkup of the air conditioning system you’ll be relying on from mid-March through September?

(And yes, even if you spend the summer up north, you still need your Sarasota HVAC to function reliably through the summer months. Have you ever smelled a house that hasn’t been properly air conditioned and dehumidified over Sarasota summer? It’s not pleasant.)

Here are the reasons you should schedule spring AC service with a Sarasota company.

HVAC Technicians Sometimes Need to Shut Off Your HVAC System

As part of a thorough inspection and maintenance call, HVAC technicians may need to turn off your system in order to investigate moving parts, check its mechanical workings, troubleshoot electrical connections, and look into other aspects of your air conditioner’s performance.

Doing this in the height of the summer months, even for a few minutes, can cause major discomfort—not to mention a disturbance in the delicate balance of humidity, temperature and allergen-control that best suits your respiratory system.

You Don’t Want AC Failure When You Need AC

Here’s the thing: AC units don’t fail when they’re not being used. That’s the problem that so many homeowners encounter when they don’t get spring AC maintenance.

You turn on your AC when you really need it—and only then will you discover a problem.

After a couple months of cool, comfortable weather in southwest Florida, you might greet the first days of summer with a major HVAC nightmare. Why not get it discovered, diagnosed, and repaired now, while your house is comfortable without it?

Spring is the Time for Sarasota AC Service

We get it. Nobody wants a disruption in their daily home life, especially not when the weather is this nice.

But when it’s done correctly, spring AC service will improve your comfort—and your energy bill—for the next six months. And all you’ll need is a little checkup. So why not call a Sarasota small business that’s been servicing local HVAC units for 40-plus years? That knows how our local weather and architecture can affect your air and your air conditioning? And with expert HVAC technicians that can be in and out this time of year without ever interrupting your comfort?

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