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Save money on air conditioning this summer

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Save money on air conditioning this summer

Air conditioning unit can make your electricity bill pretty high during the summer season. There are a few ways to make your air conditioning unit run more economically and save money during the summer months.

Stop cooling the neighborhood

Door and window seals tend to worn over the time and the cold air from your air conditioning unit slowly start to seep out through cracked seals and poorly insulated attic.

To make sure your home is holding the cold air in and not seeping out, get your local contractor to do the full home energy audit. A certified professional will check your home for leaks and recommend the steps how to make your home more energy efficient.

Pick the perfect wall for your thermostat

Installing the thermostat on a wrong wall, for example near the window, can cause your AC unit to kick in more often. A heat coming from the window can make thermostat „think“ that the room is hotter than it actually is.

The best place to put the thermostat is in most used area of your house, on the interior wall. Make sure that the thermostat is clear of any obstructions, like closets, doors, shelves, so it can maintain its optimal function.

Close the blinds

During the summer months, hot sun rays are your thermostat enemy. If the thermostat is in the sun it will get heated and start your AC unit more often than it should. Hot sun will heat you too, so close the blinds. Blinds are also beneficial when it comes to an insulation of your windows. They will reduce seeping of cold air out of your home.

Up the temperature when you leave your home

People think that once the room is cold, the temperature on thermostat should stay the same because AC unit will not need as much energy and won’t need to work as hard to re-cool the room. That is not true. Most economic way to use your air conditioning unit is to up the temperature when you are not at home.

The best way to do this is to get a programmable thermostat which can up the temperature while you are out and to cool down before you get back.

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