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Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Sarasota AC Service for Florida Summer!

Sarasota AC Service for Florida Summer!

Sarasota AC Service for Florida Summer!

It may only be March, but we can already feel summer coming here in southwest Florida. The days are getting not only longer, but warmer, too. The humidity’s rising. And the pollen has reached apocalyptic levels.

If you’re not relying on your AC system already, you will be soon.

So if you’re planning on being in Sarasota all summer long, we recommend you get your Sarasota air conditioning service scheduled ASAP. Air America can get you squared away.

Sarasota summer is wonderful—so long as you have clean, cool air to relax in when you need it. Leave it to Air America to get your Sarasota AC in tip-top shape, and we’ll all rest happy this summer.

Sarasota Air Conditioning Cleaning

Even if your AC system is relatively new, it still needs to be cleaned to be in the best possible operational shape for summer. Your unit has probably been used a lot less in the winter months, so you never know what’s accumulated while it’s been sitting still.

And all that accumulated stuff is only going to get stirred up when your AC system gets churning again.

AC cleaning accomplishes two things: It keeps nasty debris out of the indoor air you’re breathing. That means clean air in your lungs and clean air around your home’s interior and furnishings. Less indoor contamination in general.

AC cleaning also affects the efficiency and life of your AC unit. When we clean and/or replace your filters, coils, fans and other AC unit components, we’re removing future problems. A clean system runs better, which means it cools faster while using less energy.

Plus, the more you let dirt and debris linger, the more your unit starts to break down prematurely.

Sarasota AC Duct Cleaning

And don’t forget the ductwork! Air America duct cleaning services are straightforward enough—and yet so many property owners neglect their AC ducts! These long tubes carry your AC’s air throughout your home. If they haven’t been cleaned recently, can you even imagine what’s lurking in them?

And whatever’s lurking in your ducts will quickly find its way into your living spaces. Don’t let that happen! Get your AC ducts cleaned before summer keeps you trapped breathing dirty air.

Sarasota AC Preventative Maintenance

Air America’s Sarasota Maintenance plans are meant to service your AC before problems start. Springtime is the best time of year to have your AC serviced!

We know the warm weather is about to kick off nonstop for months on end. So we can do everything that’s needed to get your system in shape for all that work.

Even if your system ran great last year, preventative AC maintenance often means making minor adjustments just to make sure everything will continue to go great. Tightening something here and straightening something there can really make the difference between an efficient, long-lasting unit and one that will cause you problems in the near future.

And if the worst happens and your system totally breaks down? Give Air America a call. Whatever the conditions, we specialize in getting Sarasota air conditioning units up and running ASAP.

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