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Replacement Parts: Planning Ahead

Replacement Parts for your AC or Air Conditioner HVAC system: Planning Ahead

Replacement Parts: Planning Ahead

Last month we covered the importance of getting your new AC system installed before the busy summer season kicks in.

Well, we’re one month closer to sizzling southwest Florida summer weather. What’s the state of your air conditioning?

It’s Probably Not That Bad

We pride ourselves on honest assessments and fair pricing—including giving you a range of options when it comes to purchasing and installing a new AC unit. We want this process to be as easy on you as possible. So try not to stress at the thought of a whole new system.

But even if you’ve noticed some minor issues with your AC, there’s a decent chance you won’t need a whole new unit.

Regardless of the make and model, today’s AC units have a lot of moving parts. And they all have to be working properly and working in synchronicity in order for your AC to function. Even if every other part is working fine, when one part breaks or malfunctions, everything is thrown off.

This could mean that your AC simply doesn’t operate as efficiently as it should be. Or that one part’s problem could mean your whole system shuts down.

The Good News

Obviously a whole system failure is exactly what we’re trying to avoid—especially as temperatures are climbing here in Sarasota-Manatee.

The good news is if it’s just one part causing the problem, then we’ll find that one part and fix it or replace it. Easy as that. We’re not looking for any extra, unnecessary work for ourselves or for you. An easy fix is a dream for all of us.

The Better News

Even better than fixing a simple problem is finding a potential issue before it happens.

With a combination of experienced technical knowledge and today’s state-of-the-art AC diagnostic equipment, Air America technicians can look at your unit today and let you know what (if any) issues might arise for you this summer.

We’re not saying to go looking for trouble; we’re just saying it’s always good to get things taken care of before they get out of control and ruin your week. That’s why, if you haven’t yet had your AC examined in 2021, now’s the time to schedule it.

Potential Replacement Delays

Summer in Florida is always going to be the busy season for AC companies, when high demand can delay repairs and replacements.

This year is going to be even more chaotic, as the pandemic has caused major disruptions in the supply chain. That means if you wait until there’s a problem, you might have to wait even longer for that part to come in.

As always, we just want to encourage people to plan ahead. AC appointments don’t have to be scary. You can trust Air America to keep you comfortable.

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