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Need a New AC? Consult Before You Buy

Need a New AC? Consult Before You Buy in Bradenton or Sarasota

Need a New AC? Consult Before You Buy

If you’re on the market for a new AC system, it’s certainly important that you find a Sarasota-Bradenton AC expert who can handle your installation.

But if you pulled the trigger on the wrong unit for your space, then there’s only so much installation and service can do for you. Buying the right AC unit is job No. 1—for you and for Air America.

Bradenton’s Air America wants to work with you from the very beginning of your new AC journey. That means getting to know your space and your personal needs and then giving you the science and product info you need to select the best AC on the market for you.

Because what works best for you works best for us, too.

After all, we hope to be the southwest Florida AC company you look to for maintenance and service going forward. And contrary to the most cynical service-worker expectations, our AC experts do not enjoy working on second-rate, inefficient, or inappropriate AC systems. We like to see an AC system running perfectly—or as close to perfect as possible. We don’t enjoy working on a unit that will never be right for its space or its owners.

What is “the Wrong AC Unit”?

There are a lot of factors Sarasota-Bradenton residents have to consider when buying a new air conditioning. Price is only one of them.

Yes, everyone wants to get an AC deal. And yes, everyone is aware of the perils of buying too cheap, too. But spending as much money as you can doesn’t mean you’re getting the best AC for you—or even the best AC overall. Sometimes investing a lot of money now still means you’re going to spend a lot of money later on.

That’s because AC units are designed for certain spaces, certain air-circulation area sizes, and certain needs. A top-of-the-line one-ton AC unit is still going to burn out pretty darn quick trying to manage a 3,000-square-foot home. A 10-ton commercial unit generates tons of ice-cold airflow; that doesn’t mean you want to pay for all that energy use. Or that you want it kicking on like a jet engine outside your bedroom window.

What Does Air America Look for in “the Right AC Unit”?

When you consult with Air America before you buy your new AC, you’ll get a crash course in air conditioning science. We can explain each AC option’s strengths and drawbacks as they apply to your needs.

For instance, do you know about AC load calculation? BTU elimination as it pertains to the number of windows in your home, and which way they face? Duct size and how it affects circulation? Humidity control as it relates to building materials and interior outfitting?

And what units can tackle these variables, and why?

The Right AC Unit Depends on Expert AC Installation

 So you’re now confident you’ve picked the perfect new AC. But you can’t really enjoy its many benefits until it’s installed correctly.

An improper AC installation not only lessens your unit’s efficiency and longevity; if your installation doesn’t meet manufacturer specifications precisely, then, well…you’re screwed. Improper installation is the first thing manufacturers look for when something goes wrong. Voila: Your warranty is voided and you’re on the hook for repairs for damages that never would have happened if an expert had handled your installation.

So if you’re on the market for a new AC in the Sarasota-Bradenton area, give Air America a call before you make that purchase. You won’t regret it.

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