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Major HVAC Myths And The Truth About Them

Major HVAC Myths And The Truth About Them

Major HVAC Myths And The Truth About Them

Have you heard HVAC myths that are just so ridiculous that it is impossible for it to be true? Well, there is a high chance that you think that some of them are true.

You need to correct these misconceptions because you might end up compromising your heating and cooling system. You don’t want to be left with a broken unit in the middle of a cold night or a very hot day. Instead of prolonging its life, you might end up ruining your system beyond repair. Either that or you have to pay a huge amount to make it work properly once more.

This is why you need to get to know your HVAC system thoroughly. And the best way to start is by getting to know the proper way to maintain it. At least, correcting the myths about how you should use or take care of it.

Common myths about HVAC systems

Here are the common myths about HVAC systems that you need to get rid of.

Myth 1: Change filters once a year

A lot of people actually think that this is true. But it is not. If you want to prolong the life of your heating and cooling system, you need to change the filter every few months. It really depends on how much you use it. If you use it a lot, there are many of you at home, or if you have a lot of pets, you might have to change every 30 days. Or if you have a reusable filter, you need to clean it every 30 days. This is not just about taking care of the unit. It is also for your health. A clean filter means the quality of air circulating in your home will be very good.

Myth 2: The bigger the HVAC system, the better

A bigger HVAC system does not necessarily mean it will give you the best performance. The size of the system should only be based on the area that it will heat or cool. If you get one that is too big for what you really need, it will not work efficiently. It will have a harder time removing the humidity in the area. So make sure you consider only the area of your home in determining the size that you will get. If you are not sure, ask a professional for their opinion.

Myth 3: Turning up the thermostat is the best way to cool/heat the house

There are many factors that will affect the temperature in your home. Even if you turn up the thermostat, if your HVAC system needs maintenance, it will not reach the temperature that you desire. The same is true if there are leaks around the house or if the insulation is already compromised. This is why it is important to have regular professional checkups. This can be done twice a year. But again, the filters should be changed more frequently than the system maintenance checks.

Myth 4: Leaks are easy to spot

We mentioned having leaks around the house and how it can compromise the performance of the HVAC system. But do you think it is easy to spot? Some people think so. This is why they are not vigilant in looking for these leaks. They think that if there is a leak, they will surely notice it.

But this is another myth. In fact, the biggest and most damaging leaks are those that are hard to find – like behind the walls. The longer it takes for you to spot the leak, the more energy you waste and the more the performance of the heating and cooling system is compromised. In case you find that your energy bill is unusually high, investigate it immediately. Better yet, call in a professional to check it out.

The truth about HVAC services

Now that we have discussed the common myths about your HVAC system, there are also some truths that you need to know about getting a professional service.

Fact: A professional service installs, maintains, and fixes HVAC systems

Don’t think that after the HVAC professional installs the unit, that it will be the last time you will see them. These people are not just there to install your system. They are also trained and licensed to make sure that it will last as long as possible.

Fact: Call in a professional even if your HVAC looks okay

Are you sure that you can spot the leaks or you can take care of the HVAC properly? Even if you think you can, it is not a good idea to wait until your HVAC is broken before calling in an expert. Call them in at least once a year. They can spot problems that you may never see. This is crucial if you want to prolong the life on your heating and cooling system. And if you want to avoid the headache of having the system break down when it is most inconvenient.

Fact: An HVAC expert can save you money

Some people think that they will lose money if they minimize getting professional service. On the contrary, getting regular maintenance checks will save you money. If a problem is detected earlier, you will be saved from having to pay more money on the repair or replacement. The routine checkup is nothing compared to what you have to pay for a new HVAC unit – in case the old one is ruined beyond repair.

So in order to ensure that your HVAC works properly, make sure to contact us and schedule regular maintenance.

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