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Inventory Shortages, Climbing Prices Continue to Cause Problems

Ac and HVAC Inventory Shortages, Climbing Prices Continue to Cause Problems in Bradenton, Sarasota, Florida

Inventory Shortages, Climbing Prices Continue to Cause Problems

If you’ve made it to September 2021 in southwest Florida and you haven’t yet experienced any HVAC issues, consider yourself lucky.

Though we haven’t yet been through a severe hurricane this season (*knock on wood*), we’ve had pretty much every other thing go wrong when it comes to the AC industry. The combination of inventory shortages and increasing demand means we’re seeing big delays—and when the products do arrive, they’re expensive. In some cases, products have doubled in price just this year. And we expect that to continue.

Summer Weather

First of all, it’s hot. It’s always hot in southwest Florida summer, but 2021 isn’t taking it easy on us heat-wise just because we’re also dealing with a lot of other things.

And hey, that’s what we air conditioning techs are here for.

But the heat makes a lot of people aware of their inefficient AC systems all at the same time. And don’t get us wrong, anyone in business—especially nowadays—is happy to be busy.

That being said, we can’t be everywhere at once, and we don’t want our customers to experience any unnecessary delays—especially in this weather.

The Pandemic

Take our usual summer weather activity and multiply it by all the people who started working from home in 2020-2021. People who may not have known how inefficient their AC system was until they had to be home all day.

On the other hand, you now have some people returning to offices—offices with commercial AC systems that have been neglected for more than a year.

In short, this has been a busy, busy time for us.

Supply Chain Delays

…which brings us to one of our biggest ongoing problems right now: A supply chain that is struggling from top to bottom.

Supply chains are actually delicate things that rely on complicated coordination throughout. If you mess with one part of the chain, the whole thing gets off-kilter.

Well, COVID messed with all of the parts of the supply chain. Manufacturers couldn’t (or still can’t) produce as much or as quickly as usual, because of worker shortages as well as delays in the transportation and delivery of raw materials.

And transportation is really at the crux of the issue. Some distribution points along the supply chain are practically empty, while others are clogged and backlogged with supplies.

How This Affects You

All this to say, you are the endpoint of the supply chain. And we can certainly assess your AC system, diagnose its issues, and even perform some maintenance and service—all in a very timely manner.

But if we need supplies to fix your AC, it might be a while. Keep that in mind, even if your AC seems to be currently running smoothly. Acting now will mean we’ll be able to get what you need by the time you actually need it.

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