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Importance Of Keeping Your Pool Wiring Safe

Importance Of Keeping Your Pool Wiring Safe-Air conditioning_Bradenton

Importance Of Keeping Your Pool Wiring Safe

Do you think your swimming pool wiring is safe? Or did you not realize you have it there? We all know that water and electricity do not mix. But if you want your swimming pool to be fully functional, you need to have a form of electricity running somewhere. After all, how will you power the lights around the pool or the pump and heater? All of these need an electric current.


This necessity means you need to educate yourself about the wiring that is integrated into your swimming pool. Even if the pool is built by a professional, we all know that everything will succumb to the natural wear and tear. If you are not careful, the pool wiring might already be compromised and you are left unaware. This can lead to electrical accidents that can seriously hurt the swimmers wanting to enjoy your swimming pool.

Here are important tips that can help minimize the risk of an electrical accident.

Never attempt to DIY

Let us be upfront about this. We all love to be handymen and women but there are just some things that you should never attempt to do yourself. One of them is anything related to electricity. Never ever attempt to do this on your own. There are many things that can go wrong while you are trying to fix it. Not only that, what if you did it all wrong? All it takes is one spark to start a fire. Just leave this to the professional.

Make sure your pool lights are upgraded

The older the pool lights, the more dangerous it can be. So if your pool is quite old, you might want to hire a professional to check out the light fixtures in and around the pool. Make sure the lights and wiring are all within the modern safety standards.

Hire a professional to check everything

If you did hire a professional to look at the lights, why not let them look at everything? All the components of the pool that requires an electric current to run – have the professional look it over. You want to check if these need an upgrade and it all the pool wiring and systems are still in good condition.

Keep the surrounding area of the pool free from electrical devices

If there is a need to put any electrical device or cord, make sure they are at least 5 feet from the edge of the pool. You do not want it to accidentally fall into the water while someone is there. Always be vigilant about this.

Ensure someone is always present with the kids

Never leave the kids unattended while they are playing around the pool. It might be easy for them to stumble upon the electrical devices and cords around the area. If there are intoxicated adults among the swimmers, you may want to make sure someone sober is with them. Sometimes, people do not make the wisest decisions while under the influence.

Know what to do if the pool is electrified

Sometimes, no matter how careful or vigilant we are, accidents can still happen to your swimming pool wiring. This is why it is important that you and everyone in the household know what to do in case the pool get electrified. When someone is getting shocked while inside a pool, you should act quickly. Having a plan in place will help you act without thinking. The first thing you should do is to turn off the power and have everyone exit the pool without touching anything made of metal. You should also call an ambulance immediately. Your quick actions may be the difference between life and death – so make sure you are prepared.


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