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How to Reduce Your Bradenton Energy Bill This Summer

How to Reduce Your Bradenton Energy Bill This Summer - Blog by your HVAC, AC, and Heating specialists in Sarasota Air America!

How to Reduce Your Bradenton Energy Bill This Summer

It’s only April, but temperatures are rising in southwest Florida. So are our energy bills.

We want our air conditioning to keep our homes, offices and rental properties comfortable day and night. But we also don’t want expensive charges from the power company every month.

Fortunately there are a few ways you can stay cool without losing your shirt. Take it from AC experts who’ve served the Bradenton area for more than 40 years: We’ve learned what to do—and what not to do—to enjoy summers in Sarasota-Manatee.

An efficient, well-maintained AC system will easily keep a sealed, insulated space cool, healthy and comfortable all summer long.

Do: Check Your Seals to Keep Cool Air In

Cool air can escape from all kinds of places in your home. We’re currently experiencing severe drought conditions in Sarasota-Manatee, which can cause seals to shrink and crack.

Find a hole? Caulk it up until an expert can recommend a more permanent solution. A household silicone caulking compound should give a great seal that can adapt to Florida’s extreme air fluctuations.

 Here are some seals to inspect:

  • Doors: If you can see light around the door when it’s closed, then air is getting through, too.
  • Windows: Check that they close fully and that the seals with the wall are intact.
  • Chimney: Be sure to check where it passes through your ceiling, as well as the seals in the attic and roof.


Your AC will be working hard in this heat. To keep more conditioned air for yourself, check that all the seals around your home are doing their job.

Don’t: Let the Heat Inside

There’s only so much you can control when it comes to the Florida summer sun. Outside is off limits. Adopt a bunker mentality for protecting your living space from the heat, especially in the middle of the day.

  • Be mindful of open doors. Keep inside/outside activities to the early morning and evening.
  • Shut shutters and close curtains, especially around windows with no other shade. Even well-sealed windows will let the heat in via direct sunlight.
  • How old is your insulation? If you don’t know, it’s time for expert recommendations. Insulation ages, shifts and fails. You also have a lot of insulation options to choose from.


Do: Consult Your Bradenton AC Maintenance Experts

An efficient AC system needs a lot of things working in harmony to survive Florida summer—from your AC unit’s electrical and mechanical parts to your filters and scrubbers to your vents and ductwork. Expert maintenance is a must.

Your AC can have a big impact on your power bill this time of year, but it doesn’t have to bankrupt you. If you properly prepare your house and your AC system for the rigors of southwest Florida summer, then you can stay cool without breaking the bank.

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