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Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

How Clean is Your Air?

How Clean is Your Air?

How Clean is Your Air?

Here in Bradenton, we rely on air conditioning nearly all year-round. It’s a serious business that can have a serious impact on your health, so you need to be sure that true professionals are maintaining your air-conditioning unit. And certainly this year, when we’ve all been thinking a lot about what might be lurking in the air we breathe, we’ve become more aware of “confined” indoor spaces and the benefit of freely circulating air. We talk about going outside “to get a breath of fresh air.” But how fresh is the air inside your home?

For every breath you take inside during the day and through the night while you sleep, that air has passed through your air-conditioning system at least once, and probably multiple times. So you have to ask yourself: Is your AC unit making that air cleaner? Or is it depositing things into the air that eventually make it into your lungs?

Maintaining an air-conditioning unit is about more than just being sure that it’s capable of cooling the air. Here at Air America, we take into account energy efficiency, equipment longevity, and yes, even air quality. We offer a full assortment of services to ensure that you, your family, and your guests are breathing clean, fresh, high-quality air.

One part of air-quality control is cleaning—not only cleaning the AC unit itself, but all of the ductwork that carries the air throughout your home. Imagine the kind of buildup that occurs when ducts are left untouched for months or even years. And then your AC unit picks up particles from that duct buildup and carries them into your rooms and into your lungs. But with a simple cleaning appointment, our certified professionals can make sure that the fresh air that’s passing through your system isn’t picking up anything nasty along the way.

Another important part of air-quality control is maintaining the system itself. Inefficient AC units don’t circulate air properly, leaving pockets of stagnant air throughout the system. An efficient and well-maintained system keeps things moving.

And lastly, a big priority of our air-quality control efforts involves equipment that can filter or scrub things out of the air. “Air scrubbing” technology works just like a water filter, using materials like charcoal (carbon) to trap particles and prevent them from circulating. But in 2020, you’ve probably noticed more and more businesses these days are incorporating UV light filters into their HVAC units. That’s because this relatively straightforward technology has long been shown to sanitize air by killing airborne mold, viruses and bacteria. The same UV technology can be installed in your home unit, ensuring that many of the nasty things that do find their way into your air will soon be dispatched.

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