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Floridians: This is Why You Clean Your Ducts!

Floridians: This is Why You Clean Your Ducts! Air America of Sarasota & Bradenton can help.

Floridians: This is Why You Clean Your Ducts!

It’s the holiday season! You’re running around like crazy, and the Sarasota-Bradenton weather here is all over the place, too. Your AC is on and off more than your neighbors’ blinking holiday light display.

So when you get the sniffles, you might blame snowbirds for bringing new colds down with them from up North. You might blame stress and the constant fluctuation between cool and tropically hot. Or you might blame southwest Florida seasonal allergies.

But when your eyes get to itching and your nose starts to run, do you really know what’s bothering you?

Before you think you have to live with the annoyance and discomfort of whatever’s in the air, think about the effect your AC ducts has over your respiratory system—and what your friendly Bradenton duct-cleaning service can do to improve it.

Do AC Ducts Cause Respiratory Issues?

Of course they do! Just think about it: Your AC’s conditioned air doesn’t get to you unless it passes through your ductwork first.

  1. Whatever gets into your AC’s air intake has a chance of getting into your ducts.
  2. Once that airborne stuff gets into the ducts, it either gets stuck there, or it keeps right on going into your house.
  3. …and the stuff that gets stuck in your ducts can come loose at any time, and then there’s a WHOLE LOT of stuff flowing into your house—including airborne irritants that have nothing to do with the current season or weather patterns.


What’s In Your AC Ductwork?

While your ducts are necessary for channeling your conditioned air efficiently throughout your spaces, they’re also channeling unintended stuff, too.

That stuff includes dirt, pollen and pollution from the outside, mold and mildew growing from the inside, as well as dust from everywhere. And what’s in “dust”? Everything from super-fine dirt and textile remnants to bits of human skin. And also: bugs, bug parts, and germs! And smoke, cooking residue, and stored-up trashcan stink!

That’s not stuff you want to be breathing. And it’s not stuff you want to smell, either. But even if you don’t know about it, all of these airborne contaminants could be giving you those itchy, cough-y symptoms you think are allergies or a cold.

What Do Dirty Ducts Do to your Air Conditioning System?

And nasty ducts aren’t just affecting your own ability to breathe. Your AC system is irritated, too.

Because everything in your ducts is airborne in only the gentlest breeze, it accumulates in your ductwork as thick, fluffy clouds of grossness. Not only do these nasty clouds break off and dirty your air unpredictably, but when they stay put, they make it harder for your AC to push the air out. Your filter will fill up quickly, too, and that further obstructs your AC’s energy.

When your AC has to work harder, your electric bill goes up while the lifespan of your system goes down.

Why You Don’t Want Dirty Ducts During the Holidays

On top of an unhealthy environment, respiratory ailments and an overtaxed AC unit, dirty ductwork during the holidays can bring added issues to you as well as your guests.

That on-again, off-again relationship you’ve had with your AC unit recently is dislodging more duct debris than usual. And whenever we get around to cooler temps again, turning on your heat will do another doozy on your air quality.

And this isn’t just about bad breathing. Dirty ducts make your whole house harder to keep clean. Once that airborne debris escapes the ductwork, it either goes into your lungs or onto your surfaces. If you try to keep that at bay with paper towels and a duster, you’ll be fighting a losing battle.

Plus when your friends and family gather in wonderful, temperate Bradenton this December, what will they experience at your place? On top of the same respiratory issues and shoddy airflow you’ve been experiencing, your guests may be subjected to those bad smells emanating from your ducts (which you might have already gotten used to).

Why You Need Professional AC Duct Cleaning

While cleaning your AC may seem as easy as vacuuming, there are reasons to hire the pros. Most obviously, if you’re not careful, you’ll just dislodge a whole snowstorm of nasty stuff directly into your house.

Plus, Air America’s skilled AC technicians might spot other issues while they’re there. All in all, professional ductwork cleaning should be a regular part of your routine as a property owner in Florida. And during the holidays? It’s a necessity.

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