Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Licensed to CHILL since 1981

Dynamic Programmable AC with Optimized Energy Efficiency

Dynamic Programmable AC with Optimized Energy Efficiency

Dynamic Programmable AC with Optimized Energy Efficiency

The next generation of residential air conditioning tech is available in Bradenton now.

Fall in Florida is the time to start thinking about replacing and upgrading your home AC unit. And you may not know it, but 2022 presents a stunning array of HVAC technology that can maximize your comfort while minimizing your energy bill.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioning?

Fall in Sarasota-Manatee—and October especially—is a great time to take this question seriously. We’re only just on the tail end of a long, hot southwest Florida summer. Plus, you and your

There are a lot of variables to making this decision, especially when it comes to Sarasota-Bradenton HVAC needs. An AC unit is, after all, a big investment, a major appliance, and a vital component to your home’s infrastructure.

And having experienced Sarasota’s real estate boom this year, there’s no shortage of options for home improvement.

Now that you’ve had a little while to breathe in some more temperate weather, start your AC assessment by asking yourself a few questions, and answer honestly:

  • Am I happy with my home’s temperature all the time?
  • Am I content with my energy bills, especially after the summer we just had?
  • How much can I afford to invest in a new AC?
  • How quickly will I make that new AC investment back with reduced energy bills and repairs?
  • What can new AC technologies do for me and my family?


We can’t do the math for you, but when you ask yourself those questions—especially with summer fresh in your mind—you’ll have a better idea of where a new air conditioning falls on your home improvement list.

What Can Today’s New ACs Do in my Bradenton Home?

 A new AC should always be an upgrade. Technology naturally evolves, year after year, to give us air conditioners that are more efficient, more accurate, and more durable—and in general more affordable.

But 2022 AC tech may have evolved beyond what you’re even imagining. Think digital programming, central HVAC units with individual thermostats and temperature zones, wifi-enabled smart tech, and whole-house air sanitizing capabilities.

Imagine an AC system that can cool each bedroom to the individual occupants’ preferences; can adjust itself according to the day and time and even outside temperatures; and can filter and sanitize your whole home’s air each time it circulates through the house.

Obviously, you’ll want experienced Bradenton HVAC technicians to guide you through this decision-making process.

What works best for my Bradenton home, lifestyle, and budget?

Every home is different, and every difference affects your AC’s potential performance: age, architectural style, renovation history, insulation and building materials, number of windows and which way they face; types of doors, who’s using them and how often; home improvement budget and monthly energy bills; and any number of other variables.

Some other questions your Air America AC expert can help you answer:

  • How old is the current system, and in what condition?
  • What’s a fair price for these systems?
  • How does the home, its occupants, and Sarasota-Bradenton weather factor into each system’s performance?


And, ultimately, whatever you decide, you’ll want a certified technician installing your new AC to manufacturer’s specifications. That way, come summer 2023, you’ll be cool and comfortable in your own home.

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