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Dehumidifier Repair Tips That You Can Do At Home

Dehumidifier Repair Tips That You Can Do At Home_air conditioning-Bradenton

Dehumidifier Repair Tips That You Can Do At Home

Do you think you can conduct your own dehumidifier repair at home? Well, it really depends on what type of dehumidifier you have at home. A lot of the new models nowadays are easier to maintain and clean. Since the spring has started and the summer season is almost upon us, you can expect the humidity levels to rise.


The spring season means the temperature will continue to rise. Most of the time, this change will cause the rain to fall. When this happens, the humidity level will also rise and make everything uncomfortably warmer. But if you have a dehumidifier at home, you do not have to worry about this. This home appliance can keep the humidity level in check – at least, in your home. As we continue into the spring season, you can expect that you will be using your dehumidifier more and more.


This is why you need to consider checking to see if you need to conduct a DIY dehumidifier repair on it. A typical dehumidifier model has a lifespan of three to eight years – with the portable ones having a shorter lifespan. If you take care of it and ensure that the repairs are attended to immediately, this particular appliance in your home will last a lot longer than expected.


So how can you take care of your dehumidifier?

Clean the dehumidifier

Start by making sure it is clean. If you want to avoid a major dehumidifier repair, you need to ensure that it is always clean. The process will depend on the model of the dehumidifier. But the general process should basically be the same.


You start by unplugging the unit and then removing the filter. Usually, it is this filter that ends up getting dirty. To clean the filter, you can soak it in a solution of bleach and warm water. For some units, you need to use a combination of warm water and detergent. Allow enough time for the filter to dry before you reinsert it. Usually, the manual of the dehumidifier will indicate how often the filter should be cleaned. It will also indicate when it should be replaced. Make sure you follow the schedule to avoid damaging the dehumidifier.


Apart from the filter, you should also clean the water reservoir. Do not just empty it. You have to make sure it is clean. If not, mold and mildew will grow and might compromise the quality of air in your home. To clean it, you have to turn off the unit and remove the entire water reservoir. Wash it with warm water combined with mild detergent. Use clean water to rinse it. Once it is dry, you can re-insert it into the unit.


Once the dehumidifier is clean, you can now turn it back on.

Common dehumidifier problems

In case the dehumidifier is not working, you need to check a couple of things.


First of all, you have to ensure that the water level in the tank is not too high. There are new models that will cause the unit to shut off automatically when the water level is high. You need to remove the water for it to run again.


If the position of the tank is also incorrect, that will keep the dehumidifier from operating correctly. Maybe that is why it is not running as expected.


There are cases when a dehumidifier repair requires the attention of a professional. For instance, if you had been using a dehumidifier in temperature that is 70 degrees and lower, this will keep the evaporator coil from dripping the collected moisture. This will freeze on the coil and make the unit malfunction. You will notice that it will ice over. When this happens, you might have to call in a professional to help repair it. You can try to defrost it but if you do not know what you are doing, it might be better to leave it in the hands of an expert.


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