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Common Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problems

Common Causes Of HVAC Airflow Problems

Do you encounter HVAC airflow problems? Your HVAC system plays a huge role in making your home feel comfortable. Regardless of the season, you can rely on this to help regulate the temperature in your house. When it is hot, it will make your home cooler. When it is cold outside, it can make your home feel warmer.

We use our HVAC systems every single day. Sometimes, we get so used to it that we oftentimes forget that it’s working. But the truth is, you need to be more conscious of it. You have to be wary of changes in the temperature around the house. Because if there is even a slight change in the temp even if you are not regulating the thermometer, that may be a sign of HVAC airflow problems.

Typical HVAC airflow problems

There are a couple of airflow problems that you need to look out for. Here are some of the most common problems.

  • Hot and cold areas in the house. If your HVAC system is working properly, the temperature within the house should be consistent no matter where you are. If you find certain areas that are cooler or warmer, that is the first sign of an airflow problem.
  • Sudden drafts. If all the windows are closed but the doors are suddenly slamming or you feel sudden drafts coming out from the air vents, that is another sign of HVAC airflow problems. This is an indication that there is a pressure imbalance and it should be addressed immediately.
  • Weak airflow. If the airflow is not as strong as it used to be or if there is no air coming out at all, that is another problem that you need to address. Check every room now and then to see if the airflow in each area of the house is still working properly. If not, then it deserves to be investigated further.
  • Not blowing the right air temp. If the air coming out of the vent is warmer than it should be, even after you adjust the thermometer, that is a clear indication of a problem. You need to call a professional to check it out.

These HVAC airflow problems may seem trivial but it is these small issues that can completely destroy it. Do not ignore it if you notice something wrong with the airflow of the HVAC system. Failing to act on it immediately can lead to the complete failure of the compressor. This is the core of the air conditioning system. So if it becomes damaged, you might have to replace the whole unit.

Common causes of HVAC airflow problems

Once you notice that there seems to be an HVAC airflow problem, you should look at specific places in the system. Some of these might be something that you can fix yourself.

You have a broken thermostat

This is the most simple problem that you can fix easily. There are times when the thermostat is not even broken. Maybe it just needs a battery replacement or something.

There is an obstruction in or around the condensing unit

Check the condensing unit and make sure nothing is blocking it. Sometimes, debris and leaves land on it and it can compromise the airflow of the HVAC system. Make sure the area around the condensing unit is clear.

The filters are dirty and clogged

Filters need to be changed every now and then. If there is nothing blocking the condensing unit or vents, check the filter. It may be time for it to be cleaned or replaced. This will also help improve the quality of the air that circulates your home so make sure it is cleaned when necessary.

Something is blocking the vents and registers

This is another issue that you can fix yourself. Check all the vents and registers to ensure that nothing is blocking it – whether it is furniture. Maybe someone moved a piece of furniture and forgot to put it back. This can compromise the temperature in the room.

The fan is slow moving

You should also check the fan if it is moving properly. Sometimes, it is just going too slow. That is why there is an HVAC airflow problem. Maybe the blower motor is defective. If it seems like the fan is the problem, try to clean it first. If it does not improve, you can have it checked by a professional.

The ducts are leaking or maybe blocked

When your filter is dirty, it will not function properly. That means some of the dirt will most likely end up in the ductwork. When there is a buildup of dirt in this part, it can affect the HVAC airflow. Not only that, there are times when pest and small animals make the ducts their home. This will compromise the functionality of the HVAC system. You need to have this checked.

Check for leaks as well. If there is a leak somewhere in the ductwork, that can affect the airflow as well.

The coils are dirty

The condenser coil may also be the culprit here. This is responsible for releasing the heat that the HVAC unit removed from your home to make it cooler. This can be found in the outdoor unit. That means it is exposed to the elements and can get dirty easily. You might want to clean it to stop it from being destroyed completely.

The refrigerant level is already low

Another reason for your HVAC airflow problems is a low level of refrigerant. Sometimes, the cause is a leakage. When there is an issue with the refrigerant, that can compromise the cooling ability of the system.

Wrong size for the AC unit

For your HVAC, the bigger unit is not always better. You should only get a unit that is appropriate for the size that you need to cool. When the unit is too big for a room, the cycling will turn on and off frequently. This can be damaging too. If it does not run long enough, it will not be successful in removing the humidity. That will make the temperature feel uncomfortable.

Old HVAC system

Finally, your HVAC system might just be in need of replacement. The older models may not be energy efficient anyway. If your system is outdated, you should probably get a new one already.

If none of these check out, you might have to call a professional to find out why you are having HVAC airflow problems. Try not to delay this. It is not just the comfort in your home that is being compromised. Failure to resolve this problem might lead to more damages in your unit.

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