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Bradenton Allergens and Air Conditioners by Air America of Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton Allergens and Air Conditioners

If you’ve got allergies and you’ve lived in Sarasota-Bradenton for at least a year, then you know what southwest Florida spring is like.

Yes, we’re hitting the season of Bradenton allergens (well, one of the seasons for them, anyway). Oak pollen is especially prevalent, but all kinds of things are blooming and puffing and shedding dusty irritants this time of year.

And thanks to our patented AMI sea breezes, when a plant blooms somewhere in southwest Florida, we all get to breathe it in. Plus, this isn’t our rainy season, and the dry air lets pollen circulate like glitter at a birthday party.

So if you’re wondering why your skin is itchy and your eyes are watering and nose wants to fly right off your body, well, strap in. The season is just getting started.

Fortunately, there are quite a few things your air conditioning can do to help you feel better during allergy season. Make a point to call your trusty Anna Maria AC experts to learn more.

What kinds of Florida allergens happen in the spring?

Oak pollen just gets the headlines because it’s BRIGHT YELLOW and it gets EVERYWHERE. And those beautiful but wheeze-inducing trees are more than enough to cause allergy season all on their own.

But guess what else is blooming in Florida this time of year? That’s right: PALM TREES. Good thing we live there aren’t many of those around on and around our beautiful Sarasota-Bradenton paradise…

So if you’re looking for specific allergy triggers in Manatee County during the spring, here’s a quick rundown:

FLORIDA TREES (both native and invasive): Oak and palm, plus maple, olive, elder, box elder, alder, hickory, cottonwood, aspen and so many more.

FLORIDA GRASSES (both native and invasive): Perennial rye, saltgrass, fescue and Bermuda grasses.

What can an air conditioner do for allergies?

Easy enough: All air conditioners use filters. That’s part of the whole “conditioning the air” role. Not only does your HVAC change the air’s temperature, but it also removes particulates (even living organisms like bacteria).

But that’s just basic, 20th century-level AC work. In 2023, we’re thinking beyond filters to hygrometers and humidifiers, UV lamps and other virus-killing air sterilizers, and even taking care of the things already inside your AC systems that could make your allergies 10 times worse.

Are you allergic to your air conditioner?

That’s right. Your AC could already be home to loads of dust, pet dander, and even mold and mildew—not to mention MORE ALLERGENS.

Even if you’ve got a great filter, some things will inevitably get through. So you could just be saving up some of your seasonal allergens to be unleased at any other time throughout the year. (And you might already be breathing allergens from 2022 and older.)

This is why a respectable Sarasota-Manatee air conditioning company should also offer ductwork cleaning, air purifiers and air scrubbers. If you weren’t already getting regular maintenance just for indoor air quality (IAQ), now’s the time to give us a call.

I have a stand-alone air filter already. Why do I need something for my AC?

Because when you’re inside your home or office, more than 90% of your air will have gone through your HVAC system. The best stand-alone air filter in the world isn’t seeing anywhere near that kind of circulation.

Your air conditioner is the place to start when it comes to cleaning the air you breathe.

My AC is in great condition. Why do I need an HVAC maintenance check during allergy season?

So your air conditioner is in great condition. It’s new enough, still under warranty, and you’ve been taking good care of it.

But now is no time to get neglectful. All of the issues we’ve been talking about in this blog? Not only are they bad for your body, but they’re bad for your air conditioner, too.

All of Florida’s airborne allergens can get the best of even top-of-the-line air filters. (And remember, the more particles your filter removes from the air, the faster it will get clogged, stop working and put a strain on your system.)

You don’t need to suffer spring allergies! Stay on top of your AC unit now and you’ll be breathing easy.

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