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Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient

Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient

Are Ceiling Fans Energy Efficient

Can ceiling fans really help you be more energy efficient?

This is one of the most common tips that people get if they want to save on energy. But how true is it?

Well, if you use only a ceiling fan, then yes, it will help you become energy efficient. However, using a fan, even if you turn it on full power will not be enough to cool the whole house. This is why most households use a fan with their air conditioning unit.

Now the question is, will that make you save on energy if you use the fan alongside your AC unit?

Let’s dwell on that further.

Where did the idea come from?

It all started with the inefficiency of the old AC models. In the past, the AC units available in homes could not cool a room properly. If you only use an AC, you will have places in your room that is too cold while corners or out of the way areas will be warm.

This is where ceiling fans can be of help. It cools the room because of the windchill effect. When you feel moving air on your skin, you feel cooler no matter how warm it is. That is because it helps evaporate the moisture from your skin.

Even if the temperature is the same, it feels cooler because of the air coming from the fan.

If the AC is turned on, the ceiling fan helps distribute the cool air in places where it originally did not reach. So it feels like the temperature is cooler, even if in reality, it is not.

Of course, the AC units now are more efficient than older models. That means there is no need to distribute cooler air around the room.

So does that mean a ceiling fan cannot save you money?

Not exactly.

Can ceiling fans help you save money?

The answer to that is it depends.

If you only use a ceiling fan, then yes, that would be a lot cheaper than turning our AC on. However, since it’s not enough, you need to open both fan and AC at the same time.

Will that save you money compared to just turning the AC on?

Again, that will depend on how you use it.

If you use both without turning the AC unit thermostat down, you will not save energy. That means you will not save money on your energy bill. In fact, you will spend more because both the fan and AC will be consuming energy. It leads to higher energy consumption and the energy bill.

However, if you increase the thermostat of your AC when you open the fan, that will help you save money. In fact, you can increase it by 4 degrees and the room will still feel the same because of the fan. Because of the higher thermostat, energy consumption is lower. That will help you save money.

And you don’t have to worry about the room being too warm and uncomfortable. If you turn the ceiling fan on, it will help cool the whole place.

That is how ceiling fans can help you be energy efficient.

How can you save money and energy?

If you really want to save money, you need to do more than just rely on ceiling fans.

One of the ways to lower your energy bill is to ensure that your AC unit is working efficiently. It has to be in good working condition because if not, it will consume more energy just to reach the intended temperature set in the thermostat.

The most simple way to do this is to make sure the filter is clean. You need to change or clean your filter every few months. You should also make sure the coils and ducts are clean as well.

This is why you need to schedule regular maintenance checks. Having a professional check your unit once or twice a year will ensure that your AC is working perfectly. If there are damages, they can quickly act on it – whether to replace or repair it. So if you need work done on your ceiling fans, contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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