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5 Reasons Why Investing In Landscape Lighting Is Worth It

5 Reasons Why Investing In Landscape Lighting Is Worth It

Does it make sense to invest in landscape lighting? Yes, it does! The lights also play an important role in landscaping. While the plants, trees, and other foliage take the center stage, the lights that you will install around your property will make everything so much better. And it is not just for the aesthetic appeal. It comes with more benefits than you may realize.

3 functional reasons for landscape lighting

There are 3 important and functional reasons why you need to complement your landscape with the right lights.

Lighting your landscape improves security

The first reason is for security reasons. As beautiful as the plants and trees are outside, it can also be a good hiding spot for burglars and other criminals. Home intrusion is one of the most frequent crimes to be committed. It can lead to loss of possessions and sometimes, even life. If you want to protect your family and keep them secure, start by discouraging criminals from making your house a target. The most logical time to enter a home is during the wee hours of the morning. The dark will conceal movement in your front and backyards.

This is why you should install enough landscape lighting to illuminate the surrounding area in your home. Lamp posts, pathway lights, and other lights within the foliage. These lights will expose any burglars and make them vulnerable to being seen. While it will not completely deter them, it will make your home less appealing as a target. Not only that, it will increase the chances of you seeing them before they can enter the premises.

Lighting improves your landscape’s safety

Another reason for installing landscape lighting is for safety purposes. It can prevent injuries as you walk around the walkways. It can guide you and the members of your family outside. Not only that, but it can also make it easier for your guests to navigate their way on the unfamiliar layout of your front and backyard. Even if you are familiar with how your yard looks like, there might be rocks or other debris that can cause you to stumble, trip or fall. Your guests will be even more in danger of hurting themselves because they do not know the place like you do.

Better usability through landscape lighting

The final functional reason to have landscape lighting is for usability. With your front and backyard well-lit, you can use it even at night. Keep that in mind when you are trying to decide on the lights that you will install. For instance, floodlights will really illuminate your outdoor space. But if you want mood lights, placing lights on the deck posts should suffice. Or if you have tables outside, you can also put umbrellas and attach lights on it. Or you can place it near existing posts so it is easier to illuminate it. Placing lights on the trees and foliage will also make the yard look more alive for parties or get-togethers.

2 ways landscape lighting improves your property

Apart from the functional reasons to invest in landscape lighting, it can also benefit your property.

Curb appeal

When your property looks good, it will increase the value. This may not mean much if you have no plans to sell the property. However, it will always be good for the property and the people living in it. Who doesn’t want to live in a nice house, right? It will make you feel more good about going home to your house.

Outdoor appeal

It is not just about going home. You will also like to hang out outside your house better. The landscape lighting can either be festive or dramatic – it depends on your preference. Since the lights will make it easier to stay outdoors without risking injury, you will find yourself spending more time in your backyard. If you have people over, you can have fun outside instead of feeling cramped indoors.

As you can see, landscape lighting can really bring a lot of benefits to your home. Do not consider it as an additional expense in your electric bill. The benefits will far outweigh the costs that you have to pay. Not to mention the fact that there are cost-efficient ways to install landscape lighting outdoors. You don’t really have to spend a lot if you use the right light fixtures.

If you’re considering lighting up your landscape, then make sure to contact us. We can provide an assessment and also recommend a good solutions that will make your landscape ‘pop’.

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