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10 Efficient Ways To Cool Your Home During The Summer Season

10 Efficient Ways To Cool Your Home During The Summer Season-Air conditioning_Bradenton

10 Efficient Ways To Cool Your Home During The Summer Season

Are you aware of the different ways that you can be energy efficient in cooling your home during the summer? With the hot summer months, it is expected that your electric bill will rise. While your main concern right now is to keep yourself and your family comfortable, it does not hurt to try and keep your bills low.


Fortunately, there are a couple of tips that can help you cool off without having to use too much energy. Here are 10 of the efficient ways you can cool your house.

Always keep your A/C unit in good condition

A well-maintained A/C unit will not just work efficiently, it will also keep your bills lower. Make sure the filters are clean and the various parts are not broken or in need of replacement. If it is in good working condition, it does not have to work too hard to keep the house cool throughout the summer.

Install a programmable thermostat

Since it is summertime, there is a greater chance that you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Of course, that usually means you will be at work or school – but that is beside the point. You will be spending less time inside your house. Because of that, a programmable thermostat will help you keep your costs low without compromising the temperature at home. You can set it so it adjusts itself while everyone is out of the house and when you are about to go home.

Apply a heat reducing film

Since 30% of the heat goes through your windows, you might want to apply a reflective film that will help reduce the heat. This will regulate the temperature in your house. What is great about this option is the fact that it can also keep the heat inside your home – which can be very useful during the cold winter months.

Keep the blinds or heavy curtains close

This is usually for windows that receive the sunlight directly. Put heavy curtains or blinds on these windows. Before the sun directly hits it, close the blinds or keep the curtains drawn. That way, the sunlight will not penetrate. The sunlight will add to the warmth in your home and you want to keep that to a minimum. If you have blinds, turn it upwards so any heat that gets in will rise.

Open the windows at night

Enjoy the summer night breeze so you can turn off the cooling system. Not only will this lower your electric bill, it will also give your house a fresher feel – since the air should circulate as you sleep.

Leave interior doors open

If your windows are open, you might want to leave your interior doors open too. That will allow the air from the outside to circulate throughout the house. This will eliminate the hotspots in your house and regulate the overall temperature at home.

Use ceiling fans

When it is hot, moving air is always a welcome relief. Instead of making your cooling system work hard for it, you can use ceiling fans to help keep the house cooler. Since it is summertime, you need to let the fan run counterclockwise so the cooler air is drawn upwards.

Get a portable A/C

What is great about this is the fact that you can move it from one place to another. That way, you can be assured of cooler air wherever you are in your house. This will help keep your home cool without having to overwork your cooling system.

Opt to grill your food

Using your oven will make your home warmer. To help keep your house cool, you might want to take your cooking outside. Use your grill and cook your meals there. You might as well enjoy the pleasant weather outside while you are at it.

Surround your house with trees and plants

Now that we have mentioned what you can do outdoors, you might want to make your surroundings more green. Foliage is your natural shade and it can really help filter the heat that comes into your home. Planting a tree to shade your window from direct sunlight will help cool your house. It will not just shade the windows but also the side of your house and the roof as well.


Consider all of these tips if you want to cool your home efficiently during the hot summer season. If you do more than one, the chances of saving money on your electric bill are higher.


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